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Established in 1983, MWS Student Camps has welcomed thousands of young people from more than 50 nations to Canada.

From the beginning, MWS has strived to offer and operate innovative, vibrant and exciting programmes. These include summer language camps, closed group study programmes and educational travel.

MWS summer language camps are centrally located on university campuses in Toronto and Montreal. The camps offer residential and day programmes. English and/or French language study is complemented by excursions, activities and recreational sports.

Closed-group programmes for language travel and study are offered in Toronto and Montreal on set dates, as well as in Ottawa and Quebec City by request.

Educational tours for groups operate throughout the year. MWS destinations include Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa.

Since 1983

MWS Student Camps International Inc. was founded in 1983 by Maxine W. Sommerville, a pioneer in language camp development in Canada.

Initially MWS operated the Victoria Language Camps in Toronto and represented select traditional summer camps in Ontario. Young people from around the world would attend the language programmes in Toronto followed by a more traditional “Canadian” camp experience outside of the city.

Over the years the interest in language and education based city camps grew. MWS continued to develop and refine the camps in Toronto and introduced new programmes and travel to Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City.

Today, MWS Student Camps offers summer language camps in Toronto and Montreal and group programmes and travel in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa.

MWS Programmes are represented internationally by experienced and highly reputable agencies. For more information on a representative in your area or if you are an agent interested in representing MWS Programmes, please contact our office.

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MWS Student Camps offers the most memorable employment experience. We have had the privilege of working with exceptional staff over the years and invite you to become a member of our growing family.


As part of the international education outreach and collaboration with our education partners around the world, MWS created the iGEN Academy in 2015.

The goal of the iGEN Academy programmes is to help young people integrate their knowledge and experience of being the first generation to grow up fully immersed in a high-tech, smart phone driven world with the basic human principles of connection, leadership and social and emotional intelligence.

iGEN Academy focuses on creating building blocks of communication and personal confidence. Through seminars, interactive projects and international student-led discussions, participants acquire a foundation of skills to help navigate personal and professional challenges of the 21st century.

The foundation and strength of our programmes is our team of professionals. iGEN Academy courses, workshops, camps and activity programmes are presented by experienced teachers and leaders with backgrounds in international education, corporate leadership, journalism, sports, volunteer organizations and social development.

Our 4YOU™ Teen Teams are exemplary young people and leaders in their schools and communities around the world. They are the key to the success of our online student exchanges and intercultural communication.

The portfolio of iGEN Academy programmes includes:

  • iGEN Academy Mobile (online and in-person programmes offered year-round).
  • YES iGEN Prep – winter & summer skills/seminar camps and workshops for high school students.
  • YES iGEN Elementary – winter & summer STEM camps for elementary students.
  • Intercultural Student Exchanges – 4YOU™ Teen Teams.
  • Leadership Programmes, including volunteering experiences in Canada and around the world.

For more information about the iGEN Academy programmes, please contact us at office@mws-igen.com.

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