MWS Montreal French Camps


There are 3 separate MWS Montreal French Camps. They are:
Junior Camp
Ages 7-10 years
Intermediate Camp
Ages 11-13 years
Senior Camp
Ages 14-17 years
All 3 camps offer the following:
  • Camper focused language classes
  • Daily excursions
  • Exciting camp activities
  • Professional staff
  • Youth focused
  • All inclusive fees

All classes, excursions, tours and camp activities are conducted in French. The French Camps staff are native French language speakers who communicate with campers in French at all times. The use of French is encouraged through positive re-enforcement.

MWS Montreal Camps offer residential and day programme options.

Each camp is specifically designed to meet the needs of the particular age group. Thus, there are some activities and excursions that are unique to each camp.

Once per week, the camps have “integration periods” where all three groups come together for special excursions and/or leadership building activities.


Montreal is Canada’s “Bilingual Metropolis”. A North American city with a European flavour, Montreal is proud of its colourful history and excited about its modern progress. Fantastic restaurants, great shopping and a rich cultural life make a visit to this great Canadian city unforgettable!

The MWS Montreal French Camps are located on the McGill University Campus.

McGill University is located in the centre of Montreal, at the foot of Mont Royal. It is a beautiful and historic campus dating back to 1821 when it was originally established as an English-speaking university in Quebec. The University is within walking distance to many places of interest in Montreal. It is very close to the metro system allowing the camps to travel and visit attractions throughout the city.

McGill University facilities include:

  • Residences
  • Dining Room
  • Classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Sports Fields



Your child’s age on December 31 of year attending camp

  • Junior Camp (Ages 7- 10)
  • Intermediate Camp (Ages 11 – 13)
  • Senior Camp (Ages 14 – 17)



McGill University provides an in-house meal service for the camps. Lunches and dinners are also offered in a variety of restaurants in Montreal.

  • 3 meals per day in the University dining hall or in restaurants while on tour
  • Hot and cold choices for all meals (vegetarian entrées always provided)
  • Wide assortment of drinks

We can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. Please contact the office for specific information/questions.

Every week students enjoy dining in some of Montreal’s outstanding restaurants.

Some examples of meals include:


Students and staff at the MWS Montreal French Camps live in the residences of McGill University. The rooms are clean, comfortable and simple.

  • Residences divided according to sex and age of the students
  • Rooms have single beds (single and double room accommodation)
  • Bedding is supplied but not towels (bed linen changed weekly)
  • Shared washrooms
  • Spacious common/activity rooms
  • 24-hour security


Residential students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Montreal. Upon arrival at the airport, train or bus station, the MWS Montreal French Camps staff is there to meet and welcome the students.

Transfers to the camps are by private bus service (if arriving as part of a group) or by limousine cars if arriving as individuals or in small groups. P.E. Trudeau airport is approximately 30 minutes away from the centre of the city and the MWS Montreal French Camps.

Day Programme students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the camps daily.

Transportation to excursions during the camp programmes is by local public transit, which includes subways and buses. The public transit system is the safest, cleanest, easiest and fastest way to travel in Montreal.

Comfortable coach buses transport the students on full day excursions to Quebec City and Ottawa.

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